Teterboro Orthodontist

Orthodontics can  not only improve smiles but they help keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from tooth decay, gum or bone loss or other conditions that can affect the health of the mouth. At the offices of Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS, our orthodontist offers both adult and teen orthodontic solutions, so that you can feel happy about your smile and confident about your dental health. We offer clear and metal braces and stay on top of the latest techniques and procedures in order to offer you the best in restorative dental care.

Call our Gorkowitz Orthodontics today. We offer free consultations and evening appointments to make life easier for our patients and their busy schedules. We accept most insurance and also offer plans that are either low or no down payment as well as flexible financing for those who need a more affordable plan. Dr. Gorkowitz believes all patients should have access to quality dental care and orthodontics.

Orthodontics are designed to align teeth and make them straighter in an effort to keep teeth healthy. Crooked teeth can cause cavities, because brushing and flossing don’t get into the crevices as easily as they do between well spaced and straight teeth. Our orthodontist can advise you and your family on the best type of braces to get, ones that fit your lifestyle and your mouth. We offer everything from invisible braces to traditional metal braces. Invisible braces are a great alternative for those who do not wish to have the hardware and brackets that traditional braces feature.

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