In-Ovation Braces

In-Ovation “Behind The Teeth Braces” in Hasbrouck Heights and Livingston, NJ

In-Ovation MTM are small orthodontic brackets that are placed behind the teeth and are virtually invisible. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing braces.They can be used for minor rotations, spacing or crowding and treatment can sometimes be completed in as little as 3-6 months.

Patient benefits

  • Absolutely undetectable
  • Small, comfortable to wear
  • Fast results in a matter of weeks
  • Fewer office visits than treatment with traditional braces require

In-Ovation C

In-Ovation C is the world’s first ceramic bracket that allows clinicians to treat patients efficiently and effectively with self-ligation and GAC’s unique Interactive™ control technology. Interactive means that doctors can choose the exact level of control that’s required for each phase of treatment.

Greater control means better, faster finishing. With In-Ovation C, patients experience a more comfortable, attractive treatment experience.

In-Ovation C’s exceptionally high translucency and rhodium-coated clip provide superb aesthetics. In terms of better treatment, studies consistently show that self-ligating brackets significantly lower frictional forces; offer faster archwire changes; decrease the number of appointments; and shorten treatment time. In-Ovation C means you can handle more cases while enhancing treatment outcome and the patient experience.

Benefits of In-Ovation C

• Self-ligation for greater efficiency
• Translucent ceramics for unequalled aesthetics
• Interactive™ technology for precise, selective control

In-Ovation R

With In-Ovation® R system braces, achieving an attractive, healthy smile has never been easier or more comfortable. Their unique, patient-friendly design means that you have less chairtime, reduced discomfort and fewer appointments than with older style braces.

In-Ovation R is gentle because it softly guides your teeth into alignment. It uses a free-sliding technology which places little to no pressure on teeth. As a result, your treatment not only takes less time and requires fewer appointments, but is far more comfortable than with traditional fixed-wire braces.

In-Ovation R Means You Have:

Shorter appointments
• Reduced treatment time
• Fewer adjustments and less appointments
• Greater comfort
• Improved facial proportion and appearance
• A dynamic, healthy and attractive smile!