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If you are looking for an expert orthodontic practice that provides complete orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults, you should visit us at Gorkowitz Orthodontics. At our orthodontic practice, Dr. Bernard Gorkowitz offers complete orthodontic care for all; our dentist holds a degree in dental surgery from Columbia University Dental School as well as an orthodontic degree from NYU Dental School.

Today it is recommended that all children receive an initial orthodontic evaluation by the time they are age 7. This is the guideline set forth by the American Association of Orthodontics. If necessary, your child can receive early interceptive orthodontic care at our practice which will make it much less likely that your child will need to have any tooth extractions later on, and that subsequent orthodontic treatment as a teen will be much less involved and less costly. During early treatment, many different problems can be addressed including: creating more space for adult teeth; correcting thumbsucking  and other dental habits; and improved aesthetics.

For teens, we offer a wide variety of dental services and many different types of braces options. The goal of orthodontic care is not only to improve the way your smile looks, but to also provide you with a smile which is healthy and long-lasting. For example, if you have teeth which are too close together, this can make it difficult to keep teeth clean. This can cause gum problems later on in life. During an orthodontic complementary consultation at our office, you can learn if you will benefit from orthodontic care, and exactly which type of orthodontic care should be provided.

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