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At our orthodontic practice we welcome children, teens and adults. Whether you are a child around the age of seven who needs interceptive orthodontic care, a teen who is looking to get braces, or an adult who wanted to have your teeth straightened your entire life but have been unable to do so until now, we will be able to help you at our orthodontic practice, Gorkowitz Orthodontics. Our top-notch Hasbrouck Heights orthodontist is Dr. Bernard Gorkowitz.

Our expert and highly trained orthodontist has been providing exceptional orthodontic care to patients in our community for over 28 years. At our practice we offer a wide range of orthodontic services. For youngsters who need early interceptive orthodontic treatment in order to alleviate orthodontic problems that may occur later on, we offer many services. Early treatments can create more space for crowded teeth, correct thumbsucking and other dental habits, possibly avoid the need for tooth extractions later on, and improve aesthetics and self-esteem. Our Hasbrouck Heights orthodontist encourages all patients to bring their children in for an initial orthodontic exam by the time they reach age 7. This is also the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontics.

When patients reach age 12, most if not all of permanent teeth have erupted. It is a time that crooked teeth, gaps, and malocclusions can be easily treated. When a teen has orthodontic care, treatment is able to take advantage of the natural growth that is occurring during these developmental years. We offer many different types of braces options for teens. We also offer low and no-down payment plans as well as flexible financing. At our practice, we also accept most insurance plans. Over the years, we have also begun to see many more adult patients who want to have their teeth straightened. For adults, we are happy to offer treatment with In-Ovation C clear ceramic braces. To schedule a FREE consultation to meet with our top-notch Hasbrouck Heights orthodontist, contact us today.

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