Hasbrouck Heights Orthodontics

Wearing braces and other orthodontic tools is often associated with improving the appearance of one’s smile, and as much as people do undergo this type of treatment in order to enhance their appearance, many individuals also do so in order to improve their dental health. If you happen to need orthodontics in Hasbrouck Heights, then our local orthodontic specialist Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS can provide you with the all-around care that you need.

Teenagers are often the most likely to be prescribed with braces or other orthodontic appliances, but braces and retainers can be used to enhance the dental health and appearance of children and adults as well. Teenagers tend to be the key demographic for braces because they generally have their permanent teeth but they are still growing, which makes the procedure much easier to implement. Children may need to undergo orthodontic treatment if they have a particularly severe bite problem or malocclusion.

Interceptive orthodontics can help to reduce the future need for intensive and invasive oral surgery, and it can also help reduce the amount of orthodontic work that may be required when the patient is a teenager. Adults can also undergo orthodontic care. Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS provides orthodontic care to people of all ages. Dr. Gorkowitz has been practicing in the New Jersey area for over 28 years, and he would be more than happy to provide you or your children with the orthodontic care you need.

Whether you are looking to undergo orthodontic care for cosmetic or medical reasons, Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS is the person that you want to see. Call us today to learn more about orthodontics and to book your FREE consultation with Dr. Gorkowitz.

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