Orthodontist in Hasbrouck Heights

Orthodontist in Hasbrouck Heights

If you want your smile to be as attractive as possible, you should come to our orthodontic practice, Gorkowitz Orthodontics, for a smile makeover. At our office you can receive a  smile makeover in the form of a beautifully straightened smile.

At our orthodontic practice, our orthodontist, Dr. Bernard Gorkowitz, knows the importance of a smile makeover in the form of a beautifully straightened smile. We offer many different types of braces and services which will allow you to achieve the straightened smile you have long wanted. At our office, we offer initial orthodontic examinations for children by age 7, so if they need any interceptive orthodontic care, this can be provided. Along with interceptive orthodontic care for children, we offer a range of braces options for teens and adults. Early interceptive orthodontic care will help your child by creating more space for crowded teeth. It can even mean that they will not need to have permanent teeth extracted at the beginning of their orthodontic care.

This means that their smile will look better as they become teens, and can even improve their self-esteem. We offer many different types of braces for our patients. We offer clear braces which are much less noticeable than metal wires and brackets on your teeth. We also offer self-ligating braces which are more comfortable than regular metal braces because they allow for freer movement of the teeth. Adults who seek orthodontic treatment will not only have a more beautiful smile, but they can also avoid tooth decay, gum and bone loss, and irregular wear of some tooth enamel. Having a beautiful smile will not only help you to look more attractive, but it will help your teeth and gums to remain healthy.

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