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If you need to realign or straighten your teeth, if you need to correct a bite or a malocclusion, or if you are looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of your bite then Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS is here to help. Dr. Gorkowitz can provide patients of all ages with the comprehensive orthodontic care they need by offering a wide variety of different orthodontic services and treatments that are both effective and affordable.

People of all ages can undergo orthodontic care and related treatments. When children need orthodontic care, it is often because of a severe medical need, whether it is a serious bite problem or malocclusion or because of an injury to the mouth. Interceptive orthodontics can help to make sure that a child’s primary teeth develop in a healthy manner, and so that more intensive oral surgery can be avoided later on. When it comes to traditional braces, teenagers are the most common patient. Braces come in a variety of types, but they all harness the powers of physics to gently guide teeth into a straighter formation over a period of time.

Adults can undergo orthodontic care as well. But in general, each patient is a different case and will have different needs, and Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS does his best in order to determine these needs immediately so that each patient’s treatment plan is completely catered to and designed around them. Dr. Gorkowitz can help provide patients with braces and other oral appliances like retainers, expanders, spacers and other tools as well as with behind-the-teeth braces otherwise known as In-Ovation MTM.

Whether you need braces for medical reasons or personal ones, Bernard Gorkowitz, DDS can provide you with the exact kind of orthodontic care you need.

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